Old Welsh learning show featuring a wizard in a castle

Hi all, I’m starting this thread to see if anyone knows what this show is.

It was shown to some pupils at a school I attended around 2006ish and had someone who I’m sure was a wizard living in what my memory tells me was Castell Coch, although some of those elements may be wrong. I think he was teaching a couple of kids Welsh, which was the medium for teaching viewers Welsh.

I remember learning “Beth ydy dy enw di?” from it, but that’s about most of what I remember.

I’ve been trying to find this show for years, just for nostalgia’s sake, so if anyone knows what it is, that would be amazing.

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Tagging @CatrinLliarJones just in case!

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I’ve asked a couple of colleagues at work to see if anyone knows…

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My colleague replied “absoliwtli dim cliw!” :rofl:

Although he did then come back again and suggest perhaps it could be “Rhacsyn a’r Goeden Hud” (Rhacsyn and the Magical Tree"), about a wizard living in a tree, which started in 2001. Could this be it?

I can’t find any examples online to show you, I’m afraid, but there is a picture here: S4C - Rhacsyn a'r Goeden Hud, Ci Bach

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I don’t think that’s it, but thanks for looking and asking. I don’t know anyone from that school anymore to ask, and because it was over 15 years ago, I doubt many from there that were my age would remember.

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Might be worth looking at this Fandom Wici of S4C programmes & see if anything rings a bell - if you scroll down there’s an alphabetical list of titles from the 2000s, with plot descriptions & some pics: Category:Rhaglenni teledu'r 2000au | Wici Y Cyfryngau Cymraeg | Fandom

Here’s the 1990s (in case it snuck in there):

And a more general S4C list:

Pob lwc!

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