Old Materials and Tourist Course

Hi Everone
Like others have said I too am enjoying the course(s).
I use the lessons recorded onto CD in my car on a regular 2 hour journey that I need to make twice a week and it makes the time fly by.

I have a question or two about the old courses though.

  1. Where are the practice sesssions that used to be available in rotation on the old website?
    eg “SSiSpanishC1-16Listen9.mp3” and “SSiSpanishC1-16Speak9.mp3”
    Are the others still available. All I see from the current site are the 20 individual lessons.

  2. The tourist course page mentions that it is available by referring a freind but does not mention how to buy directly.



Hi Ed - we’ve been slowly discontinuing the practice sessions, because the new listening exercises that you get every 5 sessions on the new course are far, far more effective :sunny:

If you click on one of the lesson titles for the tourist course, you’ll get the payment options - and I’ve added a note in the text as well - thanks for the heads up!