Old Material

The Daily Practices has not been updated for two weeks now. Are you intending to discontinue this section which I like to use every day, or is it that you’re short of time?

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Oh, sorry, that sounds like a dropped ball on our part - sorry about that - we are intending to discontinue them when we start producing much fuller practice conversations each month (at which point, the accelerated listening exercises plus the practice conversations will more than cover what is currently done by the daily practices), but we haven’t quite got there yet, so they should still be updated on a weekly basis…

I’ll tag and ping @Kinetic :slight_smile: We should have some new ones for you in the very near future… :slight_smile:

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Oops, sorry about that - last Monday was a rather busy one work-wise and it slipped my mind slightly :wink: All updated now!


Good news, thanks a lot.

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