Old course v New

Hi have just moved to South Wales and a teacher told me about this site. Have just done 1st lesson but when I log in it says that only the Northern part of the course has the New version. Am I missing something? as I notice on this version someone has tried the new southern version? Anyway quite happy with whichever one I am doing!

If you go straight to the new course, it only shows North, but if you then click the [1] for the first lesson it shows both. There are only 3 lessons in the new Southern course at the moment.

Thank you for the advice. Will have a look.

Shwmae Karen!
If you get through the 3 challenges and feel you want to continue further, you can try the old course as well! The old courses will be available here until at least the first 25 Challenges (new course 1) is completely live, and there will still be a wealth of useful Cymraeg to learn there!
Pob lwc gyda yr cwrs! :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that one out, Karen. I’ve now amended the text to be a bit clearer.

There will be more of the challenges going up over the few days and weeks, and I’m hoping to catch up with the northern course by the end of the month. There’s a long story involved (isn’t there always!) but I won’t tell it here, as I’m busy getting more sessions ready…!

Good luck with your learning, and remember we’re always happy to answer queries here, as well as being an altogether nice bunch of online people.



Karen -

“Hi have just moved to South Wales and a teacher told me about this site…”

I love how that happens, how SSiW is slowly but surely flowing in to every vein and artery of Wales. Brill! :slight_smile:

Croeso Karen and pob lwc! :slight_smile: