Old course still available?

Hi, I’m using the Automagic and love it. My husband, on the otherhand, is dyslexic and he’s been totally put off. Is the old course still available, please, and if so how do we access it?

Many thanks!

Yes, both the courses before Automagic are still there and if you have a subscription you can access everything. To get to those, just click on ‘Learn’ in the top bar of any forum page, click on the arrow that then appears next to it, and go to challenges. The challenges are what are referred to as the ‘new’ course, but there’s also the original course material (if you look under the challenges, you’ll see the ‘Old Course’ levels there).

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Thanks for responding. It’s really appreciated.

I pay for AutoMagic, so presumably this is a subscription? I’m logged into the forum page, but no arrow appears when i click on ‘learn’, it just takes me straight to AutoMagic.

Yes, that should be a subscription.
I’m not sure why ‘Learn’ takes you straight to Automagic - when I press ‘Learn’, it takes me to the challenges page. See if this works - here’s a link to the first challenge of the new course. https://en.saysomethingin.com/welsh/level2/challenge01
If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll tag someone to alert the tech team.

Once on AutoMagic, click the SSiW logo and select challenges. That is how it works for me when I get taken from the app forum to AutoMagic.

Hi… thanks again for coming back to me. I’ve pressed on the link above and it again takes me straight to AutoMagic. Bit of a head scratcher, really.

Hey SanneT… This works!!! Thank you!


Ah, that’s probably the bit of info I’m missing - I only use a computer, not the app, so that’s maybe why I can’t replicate the problem! Well done Sanne for sorting that out :slight_smile:


If I’m correct, the site takes you automatically to Automagic, unless you are currently registered as a Challenge user - then it takes you there? (Apologies if wrong, I’m rather new here)

The system is designed to ‘remember’ where you were last working and take you there first, but it’s quick and easy to swap back and forth. Just click on the “SSi” at the top of AutoMagic to return to the website, or “AutoMagic” at the top of the website to return to the AutoMagic web app.