Old Course Level 3 Lesson 24

At time 32:06

I had ‘Dw i’n licio caru brathu clustiau fy mhlant’. but the translation is something I can’t quite understand.

‘I love biting my children’s ears’. Dwi’n SOMETHING I CAN’T QUITE UNDERSTAND caru brathu clustiau fy mhlant’

Help please, Suzanne

I’ve got it at 30:18, with the translation Dw i wrth fy modd yn brathu clustiau fy mhlant.

Wrth fy modd is a phrase meaning ‘delighted’ or something like that – so dw i wrth fy modd is what people say in situations where in English you “love” doing something (rather than, say, loving a person).

It’s actually built up using a noun bodd (liking, satisfaction, pleasure) that I’ve pretty much never heard except in this set phrase – but that means that it changes according to the person:
Dw i wrth fy modd…
Wyt ti wrth dy fodd…
Mae o wrth ei fodd…
Mae hi wrth ei bodd… etc.

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Many thanks Richard and apologies for count being a bit out.

It’s not a phrase I have come across and without any explanation it was a bit hard to pick up from the audio.

I appreciate you taking the time to explain. Cheers Suzanne

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I suspect that it’s one of those phrases that, if you listen to Radio Cymru or watch S4C, having now noticed it, you will find popping up all over the place in interviews. “I loved it/I had a really good time/I was delighted” etc ≈ “O’n i wrth fy modd…”

I shall listen out for it. Not one I hear I hear in Australia all that often! LOL

Many thanks again, Suzanne

Isn’t wrth fy modd introduced in one of the vocabulary lessons that follow Course 1 and Course 2? I can’t remember exactly which one, but I have a feeling it is.

TBF I don’t hear it all that often in England, either - but I almost certainly have better access to Welsh media than is available internationally :slight_smile:

Deborah, thankyou for your reply and apologies for my tardy reply. I have been away from home.

I’ll listen out for that expression in the Vocabulary lessons which I go through again periodically.

And thanks again Richard, Cheers Suzanne