Old course 3 lesson 15

I can’t work out the correct translation of ‘I wonder if she’ll be singing tonight’ at approx 28:40 of the lesson.

Thankyou, Suzanne

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Helo Suzanne,

they are saying 'Sgwni os bydd hi’n canu heno.

'sgwni is a contraction of ys gwn i and is one common way to say I wonder (the other is tybed).

Thank you for giving the precise location of the phrase in question, that makes it really easy to help in these cases.


THankyou so much, Hendrik, for your fast and very helpful reply. I was stumped as the construction is new to me and I couldn’t quite work it out despite repeated listenings.

NB No worries about giving the location. I have never posted in the forum before and I had just assumed that would be the process.

Cheers Suzanne

Can you please help me again.

Old course 3 Lesson 16, approximately 1:15: We said that was needed for the children

I have ‘Dddudon ni fod angen hynny ar y plant’ but I can’t quite hear what seems to bea slightly different ending in the spoken version??

Thankyou and sorry to trouble, Suzanne

They say “Dddudon ni fod angen hynna ar gyfer y plant” :slight_smile:

Thankyou so much for your help, Suzanne

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