Old course 2 level 25

‘He has lost his chance because he forgot her birthday’

Based on what I have learnt so far with the past tense. I expected this to be something like:

‘Mae fe wedi colli ei gyfle fe achos wnaeth e anghofio ei fenblwydd hi’

But the answer was:

‘Mae fe wedi colli ei gyfle fe achos iddo fe anghofio ei fenblwydd hi’

Why is this iddo fe instead of past tense?


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Well, the i + verb construction is a way to express past tenses in subclauses. And here it is needed, as achos cannot be followed by a conjugated verb, so you’ll have either bod, taw/mai, or as in this case, i + verb.
Another alternative would have been
Mae fe wedi colli ei gyfle fe achos bod e wedi anghofio ei phenblwydd hi.
But the iddo fe construction is a bit more elegant here, as it avoids the double occurrence of wedi.