Old course 2 Level 25 - pedio for didn’t

One of the examples in this level is throwing me.

The English is: ‘He is sulking because she didn’t look after him’

I would expect the latter of this to be something like ’… achos wnaeth hi ddim disgwyl arol e’

But it is ‘achos iddi hi beidio ar ol e’

Why is this using beidio and not the past tense?


The “achos iddi hi” gives you the past tense, the same as in @Hendrik’s answer to your other question. “Peidio” is “to not to” - a word that doesn’t really exist in English - so that gives you the sense of “didn’t”. It looks to me like you’ve got a verb-noun missing after beidio - presumably edrych “to look”.

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It can sometimes help if you can replace “didn’t” with “refrained from” - “because she refrained from looking after him” - achos iddi hi beidio disgwyl ar ei ôl e - I’m assuming from the “e” that you’re doing the southern course.