Old Course 2: Lesson 7


Here’s the sentence in the lesson:
If I don’t have beer, I won’t be happy.
So, following the pattern of what came before, I said “Os fydd gen I ddim cwrw fydd gen i ddim hapus.”
The “fydd gen i ddim hapus” part didn’t sound right, but I went with it.
The answer in the course was, “Os na fydd gen i gwrw fyddai ddim yn hapus”
So my question is, is my answer the same or have I missed something? Or forgotten phrasing from a previous lesson? The stated answer sounds more correct but it’s different from what I was practicing in the lesson up to that point- I’m making myself confused.

What you’ve put for the first part would be OK - another way of saying os na fydd gen i gwrw, though the second way sounds more natural.

When you’re talking about being happy though, it’s a different construction. To say “I’m happy” - dw i’n hapus or “I’m not happy” - dw i ddim yn hapus. To put that into the future - “I will be happy” - bydda i’n hapus and “I won’t be happy” - fydda i ddim yn hapus, so that’s what you need for the second part.