Ohio Aberaeron bicentenary celebration 2018

I was told about this yesterday:


There is apparently a large community of Welsh descended Americans in the Ohio area with links to Aberaeron, and the links have been kept alive over the last 200 years, hence next year’s celebrations.

So, do we have any Ohians (is that an Ohio person?) learning Welsh out of respect for their roots? If not WHY NOT?.. But if so, make yourself known, especially if you are coming over to Wales next year!


Buckeye is the state’s (and Ohio State University’s) nickname. So they could be “Buckeyes” :slight_smile:

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The National Libray of Wales has strong links with Ohio. I am sure they would welcome the chance to open their records.

I’m just getting back into Welsh after a hiatus, just in time to see this. I’m originally from Ohio, but I had no idea there was a significant Welsh presence there. It must be an Ohio thing – my dad’s family is from Germany, and 7 generations down, we’re still in contact with the German side of the family, too. :slight_smile: Does anyone know what part of Ohio this Welsh community settled in, and about when they immigrated here? Super curious now. :smile:

BTW, a person from Ohio can be called a Buckeye, informally, but usually it’s Ohioan.