Obsolete/forgotten Welsh words

Hi all, I’m a very beginner learner, and also an artist. I’m making a 3D work for an upcoming exhibition about obsolete English words and would really like to also make a Welsh version- but I’m having much more difficulty finding enough words in Welsh (ps, I know about the Welsh language version of the lost spells book, but I’m thinking of older words, maybe 17-19th Century that are no longer used.)

I have found about 25 but nowhere near as many as English and I’m wondering if there are any resources anywhere around this topic- there seems to be very little online?

Any help finding some more interesting words would be really useful. Also, I only have a couple of weeks left to find more , Diolch

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The GPC dictionary gives you examples of use for each word and it is very comprehensive. It’s not fail-safe but it will give you dates for the examples including current use.

Incidentally, there are many words that were loaned from English to Welsh, but have now gone out of use in standard English, eg sicr. These are also detailed in the GPC :slight_smile:

I can’t think of a book or list though, sorry.

If you can get your hands on a copy of Y Geiriadur Mawr - it’s not online but looks like this - it has obsolete words marked with an asterix in amongst the contemporary entries.

Diolch John