NYC Metro Area Meetup - November 16 @ 1p

Shw’mae bawb,

After another fun meetup today in Manhattan, we’ve decided to do it again next month at 1 p on Sunday, November 16. @Joanalciati has very kindly offered to host us at her home in Mamaroneck (accessible via Metro North).

We would love to see some new faces if anyone has been thinking about coming, but hasn’t made it out yet.

cc: @Kinetic @simonowenwilliams @atomic_newt @joanalciati @lisa_3


Do, wnaethon ni’n joio cyfarfod lot. Roedd pawb yn defnyddio lawer o ei Gymraeg a dyna Beth oedd y pwynt, sbo. Disgwyl ymlaen at yr un nesaf yn white plains. Diolch I chi gyd am dod.

Good times, nice people. Lots of welsh spoken.


I love SSiW meet-ups! Where else could you go and just know that you are going to meet such lovely people, and have so much fun doing something (speaking a new language) that other people might find a bit frightening?

I’m really glad that this worked out well - here’s to a strong future to the NYC meet-up!


Felly, ydyn ni’n dal arno am y gyfarfod nesaf? Nov 16 iawn? Just trying to make some plans because schedules get crazy!

I think so - haven’t heard anything to say otherwise. It’s on my calendar, at least.

Sorry, didn’t see this sooner. Next Sunday it is! See you then. :slight_smile:

Iawn, pawb… Ble yn union ydyn ni cwrdd ein gilydd? Oes cyferiad ar Gael neu enw penodol? Pa amser bydd hi, ac yn y Blaen?
Has anyone got the details for Sundays meeting? Not quite sure just yet where I am going etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Wnest ti ddim derbyn ebost Joan? Ella roedd y gyfeiriad yn anghywir… dw i 'di anfon o ymlaen atat ti :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr Kinetic. Plan on lunch here too. Will make vegetarian and meat dishes. Could you e bost me and let me know which you prefer?

Sorry my e bost didnt go through, Simon. Did you get Ivan’s?

He did - he replied acknowledging it :smile:

Joan, Diolch am paranoid ychydig o fwyd ar gyfer y grwp… Caredig iawn Diolch. Dwi hapus gyda unrhywbeth (gyda cig neu hebddo fe). Unrhywun eisiau lifft? Wna I gyrru lan o’r Long Island. Gest gad I cael gwybod!

Very kind of you make some food Joan… Meat or vegetarian is fine, thanks.
Anyone need a lift?

Hi All,

I want to attend today, but I have lots of homework for school.

Is there another one planned in December?


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Hi @john_charles_faubion,

We haven’t scheduled anything for December yet, but I imagine we’ll talk about it today. If not December, probably January. One of us will be sure to post here once we have a next date decided.

Looking forward to meeting you, and good luck with all the homework. :wink:


Diolch unwaith eto, @joanalciati! O’t ti’n hostes ardderchog iawn, ac oedd popeth yn flasus. :smile:


Mae hyn yn wych! Dwi’n siaradwr Cymraeg o Aberystwyth (dwi’n byw yng Nghaerdydd) ac mae un o’m ffrindiau gorau’n dod o NYC ac o bryd i’w gilydd dwi’n ymweld ag ef. Y tro nesaf dwi yn NYC, os oes cyfarfod dwi’n gallu ymuno â chi!

This is awesome! I’m a Welsh speaker from Aberystwyth (I live in Caerdydd) and one of my best friends is from NYC, and from time to time I visit him. Next time I’m in NYC, if there’s a meeting on, I’ll join you!


Diolch yn fawr, Joanie. Rwy’n gallai pawb mor falch dewch. Roedd mor braf gweld chi eto. :slight_smile:

Just a quick belated thank you so much to Joan for hosting us in her lovely apartment and going through so much effort to feed us! It was so great to see everyone and thank you all for welcoming my non-Welsh speaking Joe! :slight_smile: It was amazing for me to finally get a chance to show him “live” a little pocket of my Welsh world here in NY!! He enjoyed it! :slight_smile: Very much looking forward to the next meetup!


Great to see you again and to meet the famous Joe!! What a wonderful couple you make! Tan y tro nesaf!

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We’re meeting at Longbow in Brooklyn March 1st 2:30. Welsh menu served at 3:00 pm. Are you joining us?