Now You're Talking

Anyone else been taking a look at this old series on YouTube? A bit slow going and a bit of a late 1980s fashion disaster but quite interesting.


I have all the CDs for this old series, probably from the radio, not sure. Its quite useful, but I haven’t bothered with it since I found SSiW I have to admit…


Just found nice little learners cookery programme on iplayer as well.

There have been at least two prior series of Galwch Acw, when Hwb was the learners’ programme on S4C. I always liked it.



Not sure why they’re dancing around like they’re on acid though

I enjoyed this show, and yes, it was a little slow-paced at times, but that was no bad thing for me. A pity they were never released on DVD, but fortunately dozens of them are now available to watch on YouTube.

No, but I remember them from when they were first broadcast. God, takes me back…

Wasn’t it the nineties? This is Wales you’re talking about.

Ha! Actually 1990. Just clocked the date on a newspaper the presenter was looking at during one of the programmes.

Shame Talk About Welsh hasn’t made it on to YouTube. That’s a bit more up to date and was based around a bit of drama which made it a bit more watchable.

For sordid soap opera drama, try Ysbyty Brynaber


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I seem to remember Pobol y Cwm used to have special learners subtitles unless my memory is playing tricks on me.

I had been following “Now You’re Talking” until it disappeared from YouTube a few days ago.

I regret its disappearance. If for nothing else, I shall be grateful for its introducing me to Nant Gwetheyrn in episode 21. I checked out the trust’s website and became a Friend. I hope to attend a residential course there once the pandemic is over.

Similarly, I had not been aware of St Fagan’s before the programme took us on an open deck bus trip to the site.

I found the course complemented my SSIW studies. The presenter had an appealing manner and she dropped the odd bit of vocabulary that somehow stuck in my memory. Like “gwlanf” and “gwaed” in the story about Gelert in the first lesson.

I was following the soap opera of Ceri and Gareth and was anticipating another romance between Clive and Gwenda.

There were other little dramas. I think my favourite was a family picnic ar the top of a hill recorded by a little boy with his video camera.

I shall miss those lessons very much. In the meantime, I have discovered a delightful little orange-haired orangutan called Gareth who seems to make a monkey out of all his human guests. I am not sure that “Dwi’n fflippin lyfio chips” is good Welsh but Gareth is wonderful puppetry. Talking of chips,I have also discovered Sgrameer who does restaurant reviews. I am even less sure about his Welsh but I am looking forward to trying out his recommendations once the pandemic is tamed.

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Hi I have found some on YouTube this morning which seem to have been very recently uploaded - maybe someone is sticking them all back!

Gareth yr Orang Utan is a brilliant creation. Just the right mix of surrealism, satire and cultural self-awareness.

Another superb resource on YouTube is Chris ‘Flamebaster’ Roberts - there are plentiful extracts from his show Bwyd Epic Chris available on the S4C channel. Watch out for some epic code-switching!

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I checked YouTube last night and there were some episodes of NYT that had just been uploaded again. Not sure how many but certainly the first few. Would be surprised if it was taken down for any copyright reasons. Can’t imagine it has much commercial value these days due to its dated look.

Incidentally, one of the reasons I liked it was seeing bits of Wales I remember from back in the day that have long since disappeared - little things like the upstairs food court in the indoor shopping centre at the bottom of Queen Street in Cardiff. I used to enjoy many a coffee there.

Thank you for introducing me to Chris “Flamebaster” Roberts, I enjoyed the clip just now.

Thanks Stuart,

I am delighted that the first 4 programmes are back. Also, someone else had restored the Portmerion episode…

I am glad that the series brings back happy memories of old haunts.

There was 36 episodes in total I was watching 2-3 per week and got to around episode 28 untill You Tube took them down. Ridiculous copywrighting something so old. It looks late 80s/early 90s.

Not old at all as far as copyright law goes, I’m afraid. Most UK copyrights apply for 70 years after the death of the creator and can apply to many different elements within a TV production, so even, when the copyright for the script runs out, the one for any music could still apply. Besides which, all the actors will have had equity contracts which may state that they are due repeat fees for any public broadcast - impossible to meet on a platform such as YouTube, and of course since the internet wasn’t around when it was made, there would be no clause to circumvent that. It’s all much more complicated than it would seem . :frowning:

Oh I know copyright still stands. It’s just I’d be surprised if anyone thought it was worthwhile making a fuss about a programme like that. I mean it’s never going to be repeated on TV and I’d be surprised if it’s even available on DVD apart from second hand. Even if it was, the sales must be minimal in the extreme.