Now LIVE: 'Some Sex and a Hill - or How To Learn Welsh in 3 Easy Pints' by Aran Jones

Where did you find it for US? I searched and couldn’t find it.

I think you can’t now anymore. Read this:


I’m excited about this! I was wanting a new book to read.

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yup, me too. Perhaps @aran would kindly provide a clarion call in capital letters on Tuesday morning to remind us!
…or would that be considered ‘blowing his own trumpet’? :smiley: :wink:


If the forum and a mention in the email count, then it’ll be trumpets all the way…:wink:

To the best of my knowledge, since we have global rights, it will automagically be available in whatever local flavour of Amazon/Kindle you use (including US and Australia and so on)…:slight_smile:

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@hectorgrey @Toffidil There are a couple of Welsh threads floating around (Be dach chi’n gwneud rwan? is one worth checking out) for people who want to be practising/using their written Welsh - otherwise, we try to keep everything in English, so that the forum is as immediately welcoming and friendly as possible for very new learners, or even people who are still at the point of considering learning… :slight_smile:

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Ah, sorry. Will edit my posts with English translation.


ditto to the reply by hectorgrey. Won’t happen again.


Diolch, much appreciated… :slight_smile:

Ditto to the diolch…:wink:

[It’s always been a tricky line for us to walk - of course we’re delighted to see people whose confidence is growing, and who want to use Welsh at every opportunity - and since we’re the originators of the ‘English Not’ on bootcamps, it seems inconsistent to be ‘Only English!’ at other times and places - but over the years we’ve become convinced that it’s a HUGE part of what lets everyone become a part of the community - and what lets early learners get to know more advanced learners, which doesn’t often happen in traditional courses…:)]


Helo @aran Yes it seems my e-mail problem is fixed!
Now - while you are on Forum etiquette (good French word, no English, Welsh?), I frequently use little snippets like ‘mae’n ddrwg gen i’, lwc dda… I presume these are OK?
Re-Sex and a Hill, does this fiddling you had to do mean we may not be able to buy on Tuesday after all? I am still sorting out with Janet to make my kindle mine, not a subset of hers, but if Tuesday isn’t the day after all, please let us know!!

Yes, anything that’s reasonably obvious from context is fine… :slight_smile:

I hope not! It seems there was some kind of ‘allow pre-orders’ setting that would have been the right option, but once it was published, the only option was to un-publish - and publishing again has a bit of a lag. It’s certainly not the aim to move from Tuesday, and fingers crossed we won’t need to.

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Hi Aran,

I’m happy to read, review blog but…I can’t find the book on either the US or U.K. Amazon store. Is it there yet? What is the title? I’ve searched using sex, hill, pint, Jones, Aran. Some interesting returns but nothing by you.

Okay, so I see we have to wait until Tuesday. I’llbe there. :slight_smile:

Can Dee remind us in the weekly email?

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Nope, not until Tuesday… :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to your input, Liz… :slight_smile:

Slightly off-topic but

That’s why I am here. If this “rule” wouldn’t be established I’d never come on here until being acknowledged with the language enough to read and understand. I was practically afraid to join for that matter. I actually was afraid to look at the forum thinking it’s only Welsh, behaved like a kid who has fear and “respect” to the olders and hides each time one older and respectful person looks at him. :slight_smile:

Totally on-topic:

I’M HARDLY WAITING for the launch of the book. My kindle app is burning like a rocket before taking off! :slight_smile:

You can spam social media with this until Tuesday! - haha :smile:

(Picture entirely created by me so there’s no copyright restriction! :slight_smile: )


Personally i think there’s nothing wrong in posting in welsh if you start a thread…if you reply in welsh on an english thread you should copy the translation.

I know at times i haven’t but at the time i was keen to practice. These days i try to remember to copy the translation and also why i started “be 'dach chi’n gwneud rwan”.

I do think there is a need for people to practice and i think SSIW is a good place for that as unlike some other forums people are very supportive and forgiving of mistakes.

I think its a shame that something that supports the welsh language has an english ‘only’ stance even if informal.

Sorry @petermescall. I was just telling my feelings of my old era of comming to SSiW and how I saw the whole thing. Of course there’s nothing wrong with Cymraeg, but yes, translations are surely welcome to newcommers or they can’t participate in some threads.

Your topic “Be dach chi’n gwneud nawr” is highly interesting and it’s real practice although I didn’t write in it for quite a time as I have nothing really interesting to tell. :slight_smile:

Dal ati! :slight_smile:


nothing to apologise for!!!

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I should add… i don’t have anything interesting to write in it either…i just put random stuff in so i can write in welsh!


Shw mae Peter, Dw i’n eisiau ysgriffenu yn Cymraeg hefyd ond dw i ddim yn gael digon geiriay ar y munud. Bydda i’n trio nes ymlaen.