Notes for the lessons

Hi, I’ve just started the course and was wondering if there’s notes on it?
I’m on the first lesson, but struggling to take it in. I think it would be a massive help, to read what I’m saying as well.

Hi Ceri, I am just about finished the first course, personally what I find works well for me, is I do a few lessons with no pausing, no repeating etc. then after doing 2 or 3, I will go back and re-do them and find it has all sunk in surprisingly well. If there is then one im not overly confident with I will repeat the process beginning from that lesson?

Hopefully helps.

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Hi Ceri - if you click on FAQs up there at the top, and then scroll down the options to ‘Where can I find the lesson guides and how should I use them?’ you should be good… :sunny:

Thanks I’m finding it hard to repeat before Cat comes on, then I’m Getty words wrong.
I will try that way.

I check that out , thanks Aran.

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