Not liking course 2 now :-(

I had finished course 1 and started on 2 but then moved across to level 1 (south)
I really enjoyed the old course before but after doing level 1 (run out of lessons now) which was fab I can’t get back into the old course.
Not sure whether to persevere or do something else and await the new level 1/2/3

I would advise pushing on with Course 2 Jenny, whilst you await Level 2. I agree that the new course is excellent, but the old courses are/were good as well, and contain lots to keep you going, even if you are now hooked on the new way of doing things.



Just a matter of personal taste, really - either way is fine! Maybe you should take a break and then give Course 2 another whirl - or just wait for Level 1 to finish and Level 2 (south) to start coming out… the break won’t do you any damage, apart from having a bit more ‘ouch’ with the first new lesson you do after the break :sunny:

On a similar note I’m finding the course one vocab sessions hard work after level one (South).

Pushing on to Moscow (should that be Tresaith?) though! :smiley:

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