Not a breakthrough, just one Welsh thought

I wouldn’t call it a breakthrough, rather more of an “interesting moment.” I thought something in Welsh this morning! After I got up, I looked at the cat and said, “Mae’n rhy gynnar i fod i fyny.” I think that may be an actual sentence that makes sense (I hope). Even if it’s not, the cat understood me, and said, “Get over it. Feed me.”


It’s a good feeling when Welsh comes straight to mind over English. I have always had the word ‘diddorol’ in my head instead of ‘interesting’ almost as soon as I learnt it! :grinning:


So good, right?


wel gobeithio bydd y cath yn ateb yn cywir cyn bo hyr


Haha! Mae hi’n dallt pob gair yn Gymraeg rwan ond mae hi’n mewoio yn Saesnaeg. :smile:


Quite annoying how easily a pet can learn a new language, especially words for food and walk.


So, so true!

Can’t wait to do that. How long have you been learning?Sometimes I feel like I am wading through treacle. I’m on week 6 and wow my head feels scrambled

I started the 6 Minutes a Day back in June or July, I think. Some days it’s a real struggle and it doesn’t seem like I’ll ever be able to remember anything, and then other days things click (a bit more anyway)— either way I just keep soldiering on!! :smile:

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I did Cardiff’s summer course last year and because of the intensity of that I’d go into shops in London each day after lessons thinking in Welsh and actually having to stop myself saying things in Welsh to staff. Would have been interesting to see their faces if I hadn’t caught myself in time.