Noswaithau Nadolig Sain Ffagan - Christmas Nights in St Fagan's

If you’re in Cardiff this weekend the last of St Fagan’s Christmas nights is on tomorrow (sorry for the late notice I only found out today).

Cyfle i gwrdd â Siôn Corn, Carolau, Straeon Nadolig, Band Pres ayyb

Chance to meet Father Christmas, sing carols, Christmas Stories, Brass Band etc.


I really must get myself organised enough to make one of those one of these years!

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And me!! I only live 15 minutes away but we were too busy :pensive:

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When I lived in Harrogate, I used to travel London. Cardiff etc for exhibitions etc. When I lived in London,“Oh I must go to that!” And more than half the time missed it!

Hi all,

Saint Fagan’s Christmas Nights are back on this year- Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6th to 8th December. I went last year and it was fabulous- heaps of things to do, and almost every member of staff there speaks, or is learning, Welsh. Thoroughly recommended if you are in the vicinity, and more details below. £15 per adult or £8 for a kiddie- but there so many extra staff and entertainers there that it is very good value.

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