Northern/gog podcasts?

Helo bawb! Does anyone know of a good podcast that primarily features northern speakers and has a lot of content?

Something like beta a’i phobl would be ideal, but that and most other bbc Cymru programs seem to lean heavily south. I’ve gone through all of the advanced content and am looking for something with a little more production value as well for noisy environments. Diolch!

The BBC’s Pigion has a variety of speakers, many of whom are from North Wales. It’s a compilation of items from the previous week and aimed at learners/new speakers of Welsh. Here’s the link:


I haven’t listened to these, but Bethan Gwanas and Manon Steffan Ros are from North Wales. There seem to be two places where you can listen to the podcasts they do with a few other people.


Perfect, diolch Margaret!