Northern California Welsh Meetups

I met up with another Welsh learner yesterday to practice speaking Welsh together at the WPA Rock Garden here in Sacramento, California. It was super hot, so we sat in the shade in an amphitheater overlooking the pond in Land Park for a while, then walked through the rock garden as the day cooled off. It was great to have someone local to practice with again! I think we spoke at least an hour or more of Welsh (not including the English that sometimes took over in more complicated topics), with dictionaries at the ready, both print and digital… It’s the most Welsh I’ve ever spoken!

We are hoping to put something together again soon to get active Welsh meetups going in the Northern California area again. I know we have had some people join SSiW recently from different parts of California, so please bookmark this post if you are ever in the area and are interested in taking part next time, or if you want to talk about setting something up while you’re here.

I will be posting any future dates and locations here - so far nothing concrete has been decided for the next meeting, but feel free to contact me and suggest a time and perhaps we can put something together! I hope we can get a little group of us together to meet up every month or two, so post if you’re interested in participating. See you soon! Wela’i chi yn fuan!


There you are Sasha, I told you you could do it! Da iawn!

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Diolch yn fawr iawn, @AlanP! Between our chat on Skype and the meetup in the park, I really did speak more Welsh than ever before yesterday! Thanks again for the chat and for telling me all about your historical landscape walk. :grinning:

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