North Wales

Hello I’m pretty new to SSiW though I’ve been having formal lessons for a few years now too. I needed something extra to give me confidence to speak, hence me joining! Just a quick question, I’m going to Snowdonia at the weekend but I’m learning south welsh. Is it worth me trying to practice or will it just set me back as no one will understand me? (Though I’m used to this!) Thanks


Shwmae Julia, a chroeso i’r fforwm!

I would suggest carrying on practicing in Southern for now. The differences in dialect are very subtle, and North Walians will still understand you whichever dialect you use. It’s just one or two words you might come across which you may not recognise straight away, but generally you’ll be just fine!
So go try it out, and enjoy your trip to Snowdonia! :slight_smile:


Sumae Julia!
If you’re in Snowdonia this weekend I thought I should warn you about the Snowdonia Marathon this Saturday. If that’s why you’re coming then you’ll know all about it, but if you didn’t know it was on then bear in mind that Llanberis itself will be VERY busy and parking will be a nightmare also there will be delays to traffic on the roads as the runners make their way around.


PS - if you are in Llanberis on Saturday come and say helo! I’ll be lurking about ‘on duty’ in a huge orange hi-vis coat! :wink:

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SSiW lessons are a good place to find that!

No. :blush:
You are going to Snowdonia at the weekend, and you are learning Welsh.:blush:

Whether you are learning the “Southern Version” taught in courses or in SSiW, you are learning the same language. There isn’t a need to split it up, and any impression given that they are not mutually comprehensible is incorrect.

There will be words and expressions you use which will be unfamiliar to some people, and many they would not use - but that would be the same wherever you are!

Just relax, realise that you are not going to understand everything, that people you talk to are not going to understand everything you say, and enjoy the experience.


Thank you all, you have given me a nudge to go have a bash at the weekend :blush:

I am aware of the Marathon Eryi, as this the reason we’re visiting. I was thinking myself that surely it can’t be any different to going to, say, Scotland or Newcastle in terms of dialect but wanted to check what my fellow learners thought.

I understand loads given how long I’ve been learning but confidence to speak is sadly lacking.

Wish me luck… :blush:


Hope you have a great marathon Julia - I’ll look out for you! :smiley:

Yes they will understand Julia perfectly, but she might find it a bit harder as a learner understanding them, because some words and pronounciations may seem unfamiliar. I agree with everyone here, that this is never going to be a problem for Welsh speakers or for people who have had a lot of exposure to Welsh from all around Wales, but I find it difficult listening to the Radio sometimes - not the words so much, but how they are used and how they are pronounced.

But, if you don’t understand other people speaking don’t make the assumption that they won’t understand you, because they obviously will.


I’m only supporting this one I’m pleased to say! My husband is running and lots of my friends so I’m chief cheerleader! I’ll look out for your Orange Hi-Viz! :blush:


Hope you have a great time - and I strongly agree, jump in and use anything that comes to mind… :slight_smile:


Fel…“dwi angen peint…rwan hyn” :wink:


Croeso @JuliaB. One thought, you are going to the Marathon, so are a lot of others. You may have to seek out @siaronjames and others who speak yr hen iaith! I guess folk from all over UK, Europe…the World…compete!!
If it helps, moons ago, when @aran was a dream in his Mam’s childish sleep, I went to the Bangor/Caernarfon area and, over a number of visits, picked up a lot of Gogledd Cymru words. It was only when I tried SSiW as a cure for Hiraeth that I realised I hadn’t forgotten De Cymru Cymraeg, I’d forgotten a mangled mix of north and south!! I’d picked up the northern bits quite painlessly, so you may too!

Edit: 30/10/2016
@Deborah-SSi and others - program on S4C. 7.30 pm tonight.