North Wales meet up early September?

Hi all, i’m heading to Llanberis 6th-9th September for a weeks cycling in the beautiful North. Just wondering if there is a SSiW meet up group nearby or individuals who might fancy a pint/coffee & sgwrs cymraeg while i’m there? Ive done all the North courses & am on level 3 South. Regards, Cris.

Normally I’d say I’d be available to meet up in Caernarfon at lunchtime, but since I’m still working from home that’s not so straightforward now. I could pop into town for an hour in the evening on one of the days if that suits your plans?

Nia, and a few of her SSIW dysgwyr, are having an informal meet-up/chat at 2 pm on September 12, 2021 at the Australia Pub in Porthmadog. It is open to any SSIW subscribers who would like to attend.

Sharon that would be fantastic. One evening that would be great. Thats very kind of you and very much appreciated. By ‘town’ do you mean Caernarfon? Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Yes, Caernarfon - I’m just a couple of minutes up the road so it means I can spend more time chatting! Let me know which evening suits you and what time, and I’ll pop it on my calendar :slight_smile:

Great Sharon. Either tues or weds evening, 7th or 8th Sept whichever best for you. 7 or 8pm ish? Again whatever suits you best. And, as a local, wherever you think best.
Looking forward to chatting. Diolch yn fawr eto. Cris

ok, let’s say Tuesday at 7pm. How about we meet outside Galeri (let me know if you need map or directions) and we’ll decide where to go from there.

Sounds great. Diolch Siaron.

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