North/South Level 1 Challenge 2


I went through Level 1 Challenge 1 in North, but then realised that as everyone Welsh that I know is from South Wales & we usually visit south of Aberystwyth, I should probably be doing South…

My question is: should I repeat Challenge 1 in South or can I plough straight into Challenge 2?

Diolch! :slight_smile:

Hi @emma-3

There is no right or wrong answer here - as doing either would probably work.

There is a lot which is the same - which you would whizz through - but a couple of things which are different which might be a little confusing in challenge 2.

…personally I’d suggest whipping through challenge one again on the basis that it wouldn’t take long and to set off in the best possible direction…

…but if you don’t like the sound of that, plough on (See point 1!) :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:

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Brill, thanks! :+1:t3:

@EmmaN I think you’d be wise to have a run through Challenge 1 south, as some of the most common differences are addressed right from the beginning there. It could be a little confusing if you don’t :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Deborah-SSi & @rich. I just ran through Ch1 again, southern version. It seemed quite different to me in several ways (pace, accent, and probably the words too but they are a bit blurry…) so definitely worth doing.

I’d also like to thank SSiW for getting some extra ironing done! :laughing:


Why not do both?

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I never got as much ironing done as when I was learning with SSi! :rofl:

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