North or South?

Newcomer here. My wife and I have finally figured out some travel plans for this summer, and we’ll be around Newcastle Emlyn for a couple weeks. I should work up some southern Welsh, yes?
Many thanks,


Hi Daniel, and welcome to the forum! Honestly there isn’t much difference between the northern and southern dialects, so no matter what you choose, you’ll be understood with no problems. But I personally love the southern accent and dialect anyway. :slight_smile:


Hi @DanielP,

Welcome to the forum :smile:

Newcastle Emlyn has a lovely southern accent. If that’s your motivation for learning I’d go for the southern lessons. Howevere, I used the northern lessons and have gotten a long fine around there when I’ve been :smile:

As @Karla said, the differences aren’t that huge. They appear bigger at the start.

Enjoy! It’s a wonderful course :smile:


If you’re in the Newcastle Emlyn area, then definitely Southern Welsh, as you will find it far easier to understand me if you pop around for a cuppa! (Let me know when you’re about!)

But as everyone says, they’re not taht different to each other, and people will generally understand and react well to any kind of Welsh being tried and tested on them…