Normal Speed Listening Practices....please

Whilst I can pick out many of the words in the high speed listening practice, nothing whatsoever is sinking as my brain can’t comprehend that fast. I doubt I would be able to understand even if they were in English. I think it would be really helpful to be able to listen to them at normal speed as I really feel I need to get more practice at comprehending spoken Welsh


Helo Richard,

There is sound educational research behind the double-speed listening technique. If you type “double speed” into the Search box (click on the magnifying glass above) you’ll be able to read some of the discussion about it. If you persevere with it, you will definitely benefit and be able to comprehend normal speed spoken Welsh more easily.


Richard, I’m i Carmarthenshire, and I too feel like I should understand more spoken welsh!
This is about my third time at going through the ssiw lessons and I’m back at lesson 25 again working my through!

the high speed makes me feel on edge and anxious! :rofl: