Norf or sarf

Dear Cambrians… SSIW lessons give a choice of North or South Welsh. Which should I choose? And would trying to learn both just confuse me? Be honest, please.

Do you live in Wales? Choose the area where you live.

Do you come on holiday to Wales? Where do you visit? Choose that area.

Do you have family who speak Welsh? Choose their area.

Is there a particular music group you want to get to understand? Choose their lingo.

But actually north and south aren’t that different. Some grammar, some vocab, more accent. I’ve learned the southern variety and native speakers ask if I’m a Gog (which means I come from north Wales). It’s a way of recognising that I speak Welsh, but I’m not from round here!

If you have no reason to choose one over the other toss a coin. And after you feel comfortable with that one, start again with the other. I wouldn’t try the two at the same time.


Thanks for your suggestions, Margaret.

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