Non-existant bonus lesson... and other questions about lesson 6.2

I’ve just finished lesson 6.2 and the tutor says there’s a bonus lesson at - when I type in that address it just goes to the main page.
Also, late on in that lesson we suddenly start doing ‘oes gen i’ - I’ve no recollection of covering that in earlier lessons, and if we did, then I think perhaps it’s not repeated and practised enough through the following lessons. And I’ve no idea where or how to find it in earlier lessons to go back over it. I think a lesson index would be useful.

Hi - I think the lesson 6 bonus should be available at
Hope that helps.

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S’mae Olivia?

Have you seen the lesson guides? If you cannot locate them, let me know if you are doing N or S and I can mail them to you if you want!



PS have you just started on course 1? If so, consider switching to the new Level One!

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Hi Stu
Thanks for this - but I’m already confused about which bits of the course I should be following! When should I start doing the vocabulary units? I started listening to the first one, as I’m getting a bit frustrated with the limited vocabulary in the lessons, which don’t really allow you to have any kind of conversation. However, having only got as far as lesson 6 , there are words that I don’t know the meaning of being used without explanation in the vocab lessons. Should I finish the course itself before starting on these?
Is the new Level 1 better?!
I’ve found the course guides, thanks - and apparently I only did the ‘oes gen i’ one lesson ago - that’s a bit embarrassing!
Many thanks for your help.

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Thanks! I should have looked a bit harder!

The new course 1 is much more conversational than the old one, yes. So I’d really start there if you’re early on.

If you stick with the old course 1 (which does have merit, just that the new one’s better), the vocab lessons follow the end of the course. So it’s course 1, vocab, course 2, vocab, course 3 in progression order.
(Although you could skip the vocabs)

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Well, you can skip the vocabs between courses 1 and 2 - I wouldn’t advise it between 2 and 3 because 3 seems to be written under the assumption that you’ve done all the vocabs by that point.

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Though if you’re planning to come to a bootcamp at any stage there is an expectation that you will have completed the Vocab Units that come after Course 1. Some of the vocabulary that is learnt in those was included because early bootcampers found that it was really needed.