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Iestyn says: -

“If a conversation develops from a post,then it will keep bobbling to the top, but if someone asks about people interested in something, or attending something, as has happened here, then it may be a while before people respond. it seems a pity for the message to disappear before people who would have been interested in it have seen it”

The problem here is that the top of the screen may appear clogged with unanswered mails and risks creating the impression for a first-time/casual viewer that this is not an active site. The new forum doesn’t note the date of the first post and will only show the first six/seven messages on-screen for a desktop/laptop user (the old forum showed dates and allowed messages to be seen). May be worth considering further. Particularly given the view that messages not at the top of the scroll “disappear” in effect.

Good point, Hywel. Definitely worth keeping an eye on a build up of unanswered messages, but as the forum is very active, the chances are that most messages will be answered quickly. It’s our job as moderators then to answer the rest!

When the old forum got busy, it was easy to miss the occasional post, and it’s quite important that no-one feels that they’ve been ignored. On the other hand, this morning as I look at the forum, there are 5 unanswered poss out of 10 posts visible. Food for thought…