No possibility of practising speaking

Hello. I’m just embarking on level 1 but, as I live in Spain, have zero possibility of practising speaking! Do you have any suggestions? Also, any links to sites for listening in on some audio to improve familiarity with the language? Diolch un fawr

Hi @gill-fickling! You can practice speaking Welsh from anywhere in the world, including Spain! :slight_smile:
You can ask here to be added to the Welsh Speaking Practice group on Slack. On there you can join scheduled chat sessions and arrange to practice with others one to one or in groups.
If you’re on a SSIW course you will also have access to the same conversation opportunities with other people onthe courses. There are also listening materials for people on the SSIW courses.
Learn Welsh/Dysgu Cymraeg provide regular conversation practice e.g Sadwrn Siarad (and more!) and @rich on here provides a regular speaking session on Saturdays. Where you live is no barrier to speaking Welsh, there are plenty of opportunities on line! :slight_smile:


Our very own @Deborah-SSi lives in Spain too. :slight_smile:


@gill-fickling Whereabouts in Spain are you? Big country, but you never know! I live in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque Country :slight_smile:

If you install the BBC Sounds app, you can listen to Radio Cymru any time, so that’s another way to tune your ear in. It’s a good idea to have it on in the background while you’re doing other things, so the rhythm and intonation start to become familiar to you.


Thanks so much for getting back to me. I used to live in Vitoria in the 90s but now live in Andalucia! I’ll definitely try some of your suggestions for listening though. Thanks again.


Many thanks cetra. All great information.