Nice resource for learning Welsh including colloquial phrases

I just stumbled upon this blog which has some really helpful articles for learners; Hope it helps you!

Maybe we can start a Helpful Resources thread? @Deborah-SSi or @siaronjames can you please pin? Am sorry I could not find a similar thread. My brain is mush right now.


That is a good find - well done!

There are a number of other threads with various resources (they can be found by putting keywords such as ‘resource’ or ‘phrases’, etc, in the search box, for instance), but there’s not one definitive one.

Pinning a post is usually applied when it is essential that everyone reading the thread is made aware of that post. To maintain fluidity in forum threads, pinning is rarely applied, but people can always ‘bookmark’ particularly useful threads for their own reference so that they can find them quickly again.


Thank you – good to know. :slight_smile:


Heather started her learning journey with SSiW and is a lovely lady. It’s great that you find her blog useful.

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Diolch. Thank you.

I notice that Marian Brosschott (no doubt along with others beavering away behing the scenes) has revived the Easy Welsh youtube channel, which has been lying dormant for a few years:…69i57j0i390l3.13223j0j7&client=ms-android-uniscope&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#

I find it quite a useful format with full·speed, natural-sounding interviews with bilingual subtitles.

(The format also exists for lots of other languages if anyone’s interested.)

Marian’s own channel Galés con Marian has also got a lot of videos in Welsh (and Spanish) on it.

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