Next steps... or can anyone recommend a grammar book? (shock horror!)

After finishing the courses and reading a few books, I was chuffed to find that I was at a stage to happily join in with the local Uwch course, which I’ve been dutifully attending for the last few months. I guess I had to try it for myself before accepting what I’ve seen implied here often enough - that “Welsh for adults” tends to be a bit of a waste of time and energy. Shame.

Having decided I’m not going back, I would like to spend some time instead doing a bit of formal learning. (I’ve otherwise escaped it completely so far, which has been absolutely brilliant!) But now I’m starting to feel the need to know things like how verb endings are spelt, and other interesting snippets, in order to get to the next level - and be able to write a respectable email.

I wonder if anyone who has been through this phase could recommend a good book to use? I would really like a friendly readable grammar with example exercises, if such a thing exists. If I looked at it for just an hour a week on Thursday mornings I would now feel like I was saving time, as I wouldn’t be listening to people moaning about treigladau in English for two hours!

Thank you for reading!

Pssst! - This may cost me heavy on this forum - but I’ve found “Modern Welsh, A Comprehensive Grammar” by Gareth King (an occasional contributor to the forum) to be very useful.

Remember - you didn’t hear this from me :fearful:

(Afterthought - I also use when nobody’s looking
“Gramadeg Cymraeg Cyfoes: Contemporary Welsh Grammar” by Uned Iaith Genedlaethol Cymru which is also excellent and (sorry Gareth) cheaper. (Scuttles back into shadows))


Have been down same road after six months SSIWELSH COMPLETING LEVEL 3 moved into Uwch. successfully did sylfaen and canolradd exams. I have used a number of grammar books Useful to work tho Gareth Kings intermediate workbook and if you can afford it his excellent grammar book. Also Gramnar you need to know by Christine Jones is another useful one. I do recommend a book by Tony Ellis on as great ‘notes’ too. Other books cheapest usually from Amazon. In our Uwch group we all have Tony Ellis’s book for those in North really relevant. If you want to discuss further Adele fee to PM. - or anyone else ! Hope this helps

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I love seeing grammar monkeys behaving like drug dealers…:wink:

@netmouse - I’d definitely agree with Huw, Gareth King is the way to go - I’d also recommend that you add ‘just reading stuff in Welsh’ to the process :sunny:


Thanks very much everyone. Think I feel a trip to the library coming on for Gareth King. (Although I guess it must be cheaper than signing up for the class next year!)

And yes, I definitely do the reading stuff in welsh bit. It’s a great excuse for spending time reading novels, if they happen to be welsh. That means that so far I haven’t broken the rule of only doing enjoyable stuff in aid of the welsh project (except for sitting through a few slightly boring lessons lately).The grammar bot business is only a supplementary activity and might not last long!


Once I’ve learnt something thoroughly in Welsh I sometimes ask myself ‘how does that work?’ and I want to take it apart and examine all the bits and pieces, and like to reverse engineer it and try looking at the grammar, though I do not have the above books. I don’t always get the answer, and I do tend to get distracted by all the other content.

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Try ’ Welsh Rules - a Welsh grammar for learners’ by Heini Gruffudd. Its very comprehensive, accessible, lots of vocab, examples etc. £14.95 worth every penny

You could also look at -140+ lessons in word format with audio old style lessons. Again a lot of info/examples/clear explanations. Free.

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Yes, unfortunately the Gareth King books are not as cheap as they are good!

I also like the “Welsh Rules” by Heini Gruffudd, mentioned by rerab_rerab, and as you mention something with example excercises, you can also purchase along with it a booklet of 2,000 excercises for £3.95.

Well I myself found/find it useful, anyway,

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I have a birthday coming up so thought if I get money/ amazon voucher I might buy myself a grammar reference/ add to knowledge book. I’m not sure which is the best to buy in terms of easy to understand or what level it is. I’m midway through level2 and also about to start canolradd.

I’ve seen the suggestions above but wasn’t sure how the book levels fit with my level.

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I have “Gramadeg Cymraeg Cyfoes / Contemporary Welsh Grammar” by CBAC/WJEC which is slim and concise (very much like myself) but I was surprised on checking just now that even the paperback seems to be selling at £18-ish.

If your voucher stretches to it, I would go for “Modern Welsh Grammar” by Gareth King which has stood me in good stead at all levels.

(On looking further up this thread, I find that I posted pretty much the same advice back in 2015).

“My name is Huw, and I am a grammataholic” :laughing: