Newydd yn dod

Thank you, Tatjana dear, you’re, as always, very kind:)

@aran, if all the name-changing thing isn’t too much trouble for you, I would be delighted to have a Welsh name:)

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Maybe, as Tatiana says, I could do it because I’m very new (even though I’m old enough to remember reading pro smert Stalina in the papers). So I went up to the green D in the top right, scrolled down to preferences, clicked in the grey square to the right of my old name, and put the new one in. I didn’t think at the time to put it in Cyrillic, it would have looked quite flashy with the Cyrilic D, but over the top I think. Seren in Cyrillic (CEPEH) would just be confusing, ne tak li?

A few years ago the “Russki kruzhok” that I used to run (blind leading the blind!) did an exercise where we converted “Gwerthu brwsus” from Welcome to Welsh into Russian, and it got disseminated on the Transparent Language Russian Blog. I’ll put the link on your Welsh in Russia thread, and Tatiana can see what she’s been missing!

Possibly a name previously applied to auks (which had distinctive white patches on their heads) and transferred to the similar looking penguin.

I believe you’ve confirmed my asumptions and this is just great since I’m doing “How to on this forum” guides and could ad this in. I think this is the case also because I (as quite old member) don’t have this “grey square” anymore and as it appears other old members don’t have it too. If you will remember, put some attention for how long this exists. Might be useful to write this down in the guide too. :slight_smile:

Probably you could change your name because you’re new:) I remember someone here wanted to change her name but couldn’t, so maybe the older posters don’t have this luck!

I suspect you may mean me!! But @aran did it for me, because he is really, really kind and took pity on this aged crone!!! I will look out for @seren and know it is you!!!

It was someone else:) When I came to the forum (in August), you were @henddraig already:)

I changed name before you came, but I’ve written that @aran did it for me. I don’t actually remember who else would then be. However I believe it’s not too imporatnt who that was it’s the main thing you change your name if you have a wish to.

Apparently all of what we (used to) call “angels” - ie moderators - as well as admins can change people’s screen names. But we would want to coordinate such a change with the person so they didn’t get lost!

I believe this is OK. I can visualize her wish in my head … :slight_smile: She would be so happy! But, yah, @stella you maybe should send PM ((if you want of course) … can it be to yuo @sionned?

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Can do, although I always think it’s warmer if people use their real names on the forum… let me know… :sunny:


Oh please, change it if that’s not too much trouble - it’s a very beautiful name:)

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Surely SSIRussian will be for learning Russian from English, wont it?

Not really. I believe that it will soon be available via the medium of English or Welsh, though the first version of the course will be Russian-English.

Surely Russian-English would be SSIAнглийский?

Sorry? I meant Russian via the medium of English. Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly.

That is what I meant by “Russian from English”. Sorry, I didn’t express myself clearly :smiley:

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Diolch yn fawr, Aran! :sunny:

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Croeso mawr, Seren! Hope you don’t mind me carrying on calling you Stella…:wink:

Not at all, especially since it’s the same name:)

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