Newsletter subscription january 2021

I am on week 37 SSIW and just received an invitation to join the weekly newsletter subscription, this was not on the lesson but via an email from post@saysomethinginwelsh

I joined- and my mcafee security said it has just blocked suspicious activity so I unsubscribed as I decided if it was legitimate then it would have been mentioned in the weekly lesson.

I may be over reacting but thought the admin team should know if this isn’t their email.

post@saysomethinginwelsh is one of the SSiW addresses. The weekly email is separate to the lessons since not everyone here is doing the course, but I’ll tag @CatrinLliarJones in case she needs to get one of the tech crew to check that nothing’s gone awry.

Always best to check though - thanks for bringing it up.

I’m one of the subscribers @siaronjames mentions: not doing the course.

I’ve checked in my mail and I can confirm SSIW real newsletter usually comes from post@saysomethinginwelsh in my mail!

(I had subscribed through the website so I guess it’s always better to doublecheck when asked to join or send info from an unknown sender, though!)

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Hi! So sorry to hear you’ve had some issues. I’m tagging @Kinetic from the tech team just incase.