News: Level 1 challenge 24 (southern) published :-)

As it says in the title - Challenge 24 for Level 1 (southern) has been published - with huge thanks to Iestyn and Cat for pushing on through with the recording in very difficult circumstances, and to Jeff for his work mastering the sound file, and to Huw and his team of fantastic importers for stitching it all together… :star: : star2:


woohoo one more to go. Diolch i bawb.

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I have already prepared the course notes too!
@aran, it should be available on that same link I sent you before by this time tomorrow (I’m on my way to work at the moment and its on the laptop!)

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Hi that sounds awesome I am working through course 2 and I’m at lesson 8. I have also stayed with level 1 and I’m at lesson 19. I have found that I can answer back when the questions are asked now although I still have stop the tape to digest the question at times it is great I am still enjoying learning cymreag ditch.