News: field testing for the SSiBorg about to start

This may well give @Kinetic a minor heart tremor, but I’ve just been talking to someone who’s very interested in getting some English language training up and running for some of his Indian staff - which means we’re just about to get a genuinely interesting first test of the SSiBorg.

Which also means that, although we have one or two minor things to fine tune, we are effectively into the new stage of course production.

Which means: new material for Welsh (once we get L2 recorded and mastered) and (fingers crossed) a number of new SSiLanguages in the not-too-distant future.



I hear Borg I think slow moving and strangely unadaptable star trek villains.

Ssiborg is…?


Resistance is futile.


A method of automating the production of SSI lessons. It should make it easier to produce new courses (dare I suggest Level 1 Southern might even be finished? :wink: ), which will hopefully make it easier to attact more customers.


Hmmm … This I kind of can’t imagine …

I learned to drive at 50 with the British School of Motoring and celebrated by getting a tag for my car key from a Trek Con marked: “Borg School of Motoring”! I hope SSiBorg isn’t destructive!!!

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Our internal play on the word Cyborg…:wink:

We tried to resist it, but couldn’t, appropriately enough. :sunny:


You would not believe that it took me until after you had mailed this to realise how the Borg got named in the first place!!! (I’m a Trek fan from Original Series!) :star2:

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