Newport Riverfront Cinema - Ffilm cymraeg

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In the Welsh language with English subtitles

Monday 7th November at 7.45pm
Tuesday 8th November at 7.45pm

Film based on the book by Fflur Dafydd

A group of us from the Tuesday evening Torfaen pub meetup are planning on attending the Monday showing.

I’ve been to the Riverfront cinema many times - I don’t recall there ever being more than 8 people there for a showing, and this was for films in English! This is a perfect chance to show the people who schedule stuff like this that there’s an appetite for Welsh language stuff in Newport.


Saw this in the Taliesin theatre in Swansea. I found it interesting and watchable (and I’m not someone who watches Welsh films/to for the sake of it.)

Well worth catching if you can!

It would be good to go but Monday 7th is the same date as Cwrw a Chlonc gyda Menter Iaith in Langstone.

It’s a pity to miss Cwrw a Chlonc, but the other option was to rearrange our Tuesday Upper Cock meetup, and that’s bound to be the evening that hordes of a fluent welsh speakers decide to pop in for a chat

Further to this:

Definitely two of us attending the Monday showing. We’re meeting at 7PM in the riverfront café for a pre-showing dishgled to steady our nerves beforehand. Don’t be shy if you want to join us.

I saw it in Penarth with a few more than 8 people - it’s definitely worth watching!

It was a full house in the Taliesin (I thought that might have been because Fflur Dafydd was doing a Q&A session after it, but most people left after the film!) Everybody I knew who saw it enjoyed it.

On the other hand, when they put Ymadawiad on at the local UCI, myself and two friends consisted of fifty percent of the audience. The fact they put it on at quarter to eleven at night for one showing in total, and has no advertising for it at all was very unfortunate- it is a very good film.

The audience for Y Llyfrgell shows there is an audience for Welsh films in the area, properly advertised.

13 people on Monday.
13 (different) people on Tuesday.

So a pretty successful turnout! Not quite the packed house of Taliesin (maybe everyone was simply content to see Fflur Dafydd in person, they just couldn’t think of any questions!).

The general consensus seemed to be “well, that was something different”.

I did enjoy the film. It did look very nice, moments of dark humour and good performances. Once my reading skills are up to it I’ll give the book a try

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