Newcomer Question about Lesson 1 Changing

Hi everyone, I am totally new to this program and to Welsh. My wife and I did lesson one together two days ago. Then this morning I entered my email and created an accoaunt and redid Lesson 1, but it had changed. (For example, the verb “to like” wasn’t there, but phrases like “I need to” were included.) Do the lessons change regularly, or is this just because I have an account now?

Many thanks,

Hello DanielP and welcome to you and your wife to the forum.

Is it possible that you’ve selected a different option on the menu somehow?

When I go to the front page here

Near the bottom of the page I click on the link that says “See all challenges” and what I see is a choice between Level1, Level 2, Level 3, or “Old material”.

I think you might have got into the old course material the first time, because the old course 1 lesson 1 Southern has 'hoffi=to like" in it. There’s a link to that here:

The new Level 1 Challenge 1, (the new starting point) is found here That’s where it would be a good idea to start I think. I did it just a few weeks ago. You’ll notice the music is different at the beginning as well.


Welcome to both - @DanielP and your wife, and @aliceyaxley. It might be I’ve welcomed you here once already Alice, but I’d forgotten so warm welcome again.

Daniel, as Alice says, there are two kinds of material - Old course which is called Courses and contains Course 1, Course 2, Course 3 and two Vocab courses of 10 lessons each to Course 1 and 2 - and new material called Levels and consists of Level 1, Level 2 and newly beginning to be published Level 3. Both, Levels and Courses have 2 versions of which one is Southern and one is Northern. Northern has @aran and @CatrinLliarJones as presenters in both, old and new material and Southern has @Iestyn and @catdafydd as presenters. Both - Southern and Northern Levels and Courses are twinned but varies of words/structures of Southern or Northern dialect. Yours is only to choose which one version - South or North - would suit more to you (maybe on the basis where you live, where you want to travel too etc).

Music at the old course is instrumental intro/outro music and in new Levels it is performed by famous Welsh singer/group who gladly gave the permition to use it in the material.

As Alice says, you might found yourself picking one version the first time you’ve made the lessons and the other version when you wanted to continue.

Nowdays Levels (new material) is more recomemended then old as new one includes listening practices (from Challenge 10 on a double speed with the purpose) and the aproach is such that you can progress with learning faster than with old material. But, here again, you can try both and see which suits you more.

If you just can’t quite decide which material or which version of it would be best to choose you can visit the topic Course 1 VS Level ! and North VS South and read what other members of the forum were choosing and why or what best suits them. The deceision might be a bit easier for you then too.

I hope it helps a bit to disclose a mistery of unknown. :slight_smile:

Otherwise if there are some other questions you can freely ask and there will be surely members who will respond quickly or you can alternatively cruise through the forum and explore things of your interest.

Happy learning.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Thanks to all! I’ll look for and stick with the newer stuff. Thanks, DanielP


Shw mae DanielP?

Firstly, welcome to the course, and da iawn for getting stuck in!

This is a bit mysterious, as “need” isn;t introduced until lesson 3 on the new material, and lesson 5 or so of the old. Is it possible that you just clicked on a different lesson to the one you intended?

Could I ask how you did lesson 1 together? Does your wife already have an account?

Anyway, in a way it’s not that important as long as you;ve found your way to the right lessons now!

In case it happens again, you should find that every thing you use to practice new material in a lesson, has been introduced in a previous lesson. We specifically make sure that everything you’ve learnt previously is practised again and again over the following lessons, which is why there’s no need to re-do a lesson nor “revise” lessons apart from the last lesson of each level or course.

So if you find new material that you are unfamiliar with, then you have skipped a lesson. Don’t worry if there’s the occasional structure you can;t remember, or the occasional word that slips in unannounced - I think there mwy be one or two words suddenly used like that - but if there’s whole patterns being used that you just don’t recognise at all, then there’s been a lesson missed somewhere!

Let us know how you get on - everyone has questions in the first few lessons. Some ask, some soldier through and learn by trial and error. Guess which way is quicker?


Iestyn (voice of southern course)


We just played the lesson out loud on my phone. She doesn’t have an account.

As for the lesson number, I’m quite sure in was challenge 1. The “need” verb (which I can’t spell) was covered, as was “to improve,” “to learn,” and “still,” as in “I still need” or “I still want.” It was terrific!


@Iestyn @DanielP is right.

Except from the Lesson guides to Level 1 Challenges (South) made by @faithless78 which are really accurate and handy:

Challenge 1
Vocabulary introduced:
Moyn. Siarad. Cymraeg. Dysgu. Trio. Mynd. Mynd i. Ymarfer. Ymarfer siarad. Cofio.
Sut (Shwd). Sut i. Dal. Gwella.

Patterns introduced:
Dw i’n moyn… Dw i’n trio… Dw i’n mynd i… Alla i ddim… Mae eisiau (isie) i fi…
Mae dal eisiau i fi… Dw i dal yn moyn…

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Yes, that’s exactly the one!

This is Level 1 Challenge 1 (as you see) sou you’re on the right track. :slight_smile: Dal ati!

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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Hi @DanielP. Yes, as mentioned above, it sounds as if you’ve picked up a slight difference between old/new or North/South.

Want can be Eisiau/isie (old and North), while in the South want can now be moyn and isie can be need. Don’t worry about these slight dialect differences, as they don’t really matter in the real world.

A first language Welsh speaker that I know, who has moved from the North to the South seems perfectly happy to come out with either word depending on who she is talking to.


Thanks Iestyn! Quick question: if we were to travel around Aberarth, would Southern Welsh be best to learn?


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Yes - Aberarth is in the middle of Ceredigion. My accent / dialect is a combination of Ceredigion Welsh (from my Grandmother’s side of the family + Loads of Cardi teachers in primary school) and South Eastern Welsh.

In fact, Aberarth is only 10 miles or so north of Tresaith, and about 30 minutes from Llandysul, where I live.



I’ve just started the Levels but even though I press Levels, in the hope of doing the lessons, it immediately takes me to the Challenges. How do I just do the lessons please? I can’t find a Learn icon.


the levels ( = the new course) have each 25 challenges, the old course have each 25 lessons

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