New Welsh Opera

If you think there’s any chance that you would enjoy a new expressionist-modernist-type Welsh Opera, there is a real treat on at the moment! “Wythnos yng Nghymru Fydd” is a classic science-fiction / nationalist propaganda novel(!) which has been made into a fantastic production with incredibly good young singers and instrumentalists.

I saw it last night in Barry, where there was actually quite good turn out. (I met people who had travelled from Camarthen and Cardiff.) I was with my dad, so I downloaded the app “Sibrwd”, for personal subtitles - and I was very glad I did, as it took the stress out of trying to understand the singers.

Unfortunately the run has mostly finished - it is now only on in Swansea and Pwllheli, in the next few days. With the caviat of “if you like that sort of thing”, it comes with highest recommendation!


Hi @netmouse I’ve seen it too, it was really good!

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