New Welsh group in Cardiff

Just spotted this on Facebook. There’s a new Welsh group starting up in Llandaf, Caerdydd, meeting on the 2nd Monday of every month in the Railway Hotel. First meeting is 20th May from 7pm onwards.

Facebook event here:


Great share, diolch!

@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

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Diolch @Hishiv this is not far from me new house and I’m looking to join some of these meetups in cardiff and start using welsh in real life more often :smiley: Have you been to this one?

My partner who is down in the new house already said she hears Cymraeg about canton quite a lot…so after two years of resisting my persuasion, and especially as we are now living in wales, she has even said she wants to learn some bits!

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Hi @Bleddyn, this particular group is completely new, meeting for the first time ever next Monday, 20th May. I haven’t been involved in setting up the group, just saw the event on Facebook and thought I’d pass the message on.

Yes, I hear the occasional bit of Cymraeg walking round the streets of Cardiff, it’s great :smile: And great to hear your partner is thinking of learning Welsh :blush:

Ahh silly me! I should have read it first jaja
I am pretty pleased about it to be honest…I think its really important to know the basics and is very easily achievable. Plus it means we can try speak it together!

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