New website — Go Cornish

… Actually, I think it’s a few months old, but I’ve only just found out about it myself and thought others here might like to know as well: Go Cornish

This looks like a brilliant new website — it pulls together a lot of the newer resources for learning Cornish (including SSiC!) and also includes news and current events, resources for teachers, info on finding language classes and conversation groups, a translation service and more. I’m very impressed and looking forward to seeing it develop further! :slight_smile:

Here’s the blurb from the site’s About page:

Why does Go Cornish exist?

The Cornish language is undergoing a revival! Go Cornish exists to further inspire new people to learn and use the language, whilst celebrating those who already put it to good use. A whole host of resources have been compiled, helping you to get cracking with your language learning adventure.

In our experience, a knowledge of Cornish helps those who visit or live here better understand Cornwall’s unique cultural landscape. We also believe that it is important for people across the UK and around the world to have the opportunity to learn this beautiful Celtic language.

Go Cornish is a dynamic and evolving platform, with new content being added every week. It is funded by Cornwall Council’s Cornish Language Learning and Communication Fund, together with commercial sponsorship from First Kernow.

Their FAQs are worth reading too (including “I thought that Cornish was a dead language?” and “What’s the point of learning Cornish?”)!

Ober splann, sos (brilliant work, guys)! :grinning:


Gorthugher da Courtenay ha Bledhen Nowyth da ha meur ras (for the latest web link).
Tiz close to midnight here, so I will check the link, avorow.
I hope your festive break was truly enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons. Aside from catching up with the children and grand-children, I met up with a chap called Clive and purchased Y1 of a course he has produced. He has agreed to be my tutor-of-sorts whilst I work my way through it. Promises to be eventful.
Catch up soon.
Nos da sos,


Ha Bledhen Nowydh Da dhis ynwedh, sos! Glad you’ve found a course and a tutor.

I’m slowing down my Cornish study this year — not putting it on hold entirely, but I’ll have a lot of other things on my plate in the coming months and so I’m not planning to do my second grade exam this year. I’ll aim for that in 2020 when I will hopefully have a little more time to dedicate to it.

Oll an gwella (all the best) with your studies!

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Good luck. I hope your plate is filled with that which you want to do.
Oll an gwella ha kemer wyth


Meur ras, sos. Yes, mostly that which I want to do — two trips back to Australia (for family and friends) during the year, plus sorting out my indefinite leave to remain in the UK, and possibly a move elsewhere for work before the end of the year. It’s possible that I may end up living closer to Kernow, which would suit me fine. :slight_smile: Oll an gwella dhis ynwedh.

Back on the topic of the new Go Cornish website, I sent them a message via the “contact us” page just to thank them for such an excellent new site — and to ask if we might have some new SSiC lessons available soon. Here’s the reply I got from Bethia, their communications manager:

Many thanks for your email. We are delighted to hear you like the new Go Cornish website! We’re actually officially launching it at the end of January, so hopefully people will start to find out about it soon.

I’ve forwarded your Say Something in Cornish request on – fingers crossed!

Right, fingers crossed… :wink: Nice to know there’ll be an official launch of the website soon. I was wondering why it hadn’t made much of a splash in the Cornish language community so far!

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Here’s a report from the Falmouth Packet on the official launch of the Go Cornish website, with the heartening observation: “It’s safe to say that Cornish is now officially cool.” :sunglasses:

And as part of the launch, they’ve even given Truro bus station a Kernewek makeover: Go Cornish whilst waiting for your bus :grinning: