New vocab. Lesson 16 level 1


So just done lesson 16 on level 1. Some new vocab thrown in that I’ve not come across, but it isn’t in the vocab list for 16 (north). Am I right in thinking the two sentences below both mean “someone who told me”

Rhywun ddudodd wrthaf fi

Rhywun wnaeth ddweud wrthaf fi

Might be a few typos there!?




Almost. Except no “who”.
Someone told me
Someone did tell me

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Ah! The notes definitely say “someone who told me” for the first one in lesson 15! :-S


…yep so there is a context here - that it’s a mid-sentence quote - which gives the ‘who’ aspect.

There is something lurking which is usually dropped in speech which is ‘a’ - which is ‘who’ or ‘which’ - its presence/ absence(!) is indicated by the soft mutation in your examples.

…rhywun (a) ddudodd wrthaf fi

…rhywun (a) wnaeth ddweud wrthaf fi

Rich :slight_smile:

Oh, ok! So the who can be “assumed” ?


Yes! :slightly_smiling_face:

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A wee problem I have lesson 16 level 1
Yes, I enjoyed it last night - Do, joies i — last night
I cannot understand what comes in the — it sounds like ‘thee’ but I understood it to be ‘e’

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Correct, except it starts with an “f” after a vowel.
Do, joies i fe