New video: The 7 Stages of Language Learning

This video is based on some stuff I did on the blog quite a while ago, which was aimed at helping people get an overview of their language learning journey, and see what they need to do next:

More in the not-too-distant future… in the meantime, are you at Stage 1 or are you already past it?

I’d be interested to hear, and I’d be grateful if you’d share the video…:slight_smile:


I’m on stage 1 of learniing Japanese. 20 minutes of thinking to create a sentence that I want to say, about what’s really happening in my life with 6 verbs, a couple of tenses, perhaps 20 nouns, three prounouns, six marker,/prepositions and half a dozen time phrases skulking around somewhere in my head. But after 20 minutes I can say it and the local Japanese chap congratulates me on my pronunciation.


Like the video! I’m past Stage 1 :slight_smile: Thanks @margaretnock for Skyping with me when I was Stage 1 - you were really patient with how long it took me to put a sentence together as I struggled with very limited vocabulary :star:

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The pleasure was all mine @AnnaC.

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