New video: Ghosts and strange creatures

I have been sadly neglecting my YouTube channel, but just in time for Halloween, I’ve finished editing and uploading my latest video about some of the ghosts and strange creatures that can be found around the Nannau Estate near the little village of Llanfachreth.

Here’s the link. There are optional subtitles in Welsh or English. Select which you want via the buttons below the video.


Gwych! Diolch Margaret! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

Thank you! I’ve been trying to shoot this video for a long time. It wouldn’t have suited bright sunny weather, but just over a week ago it was suitably misty and still, so I finally got the footage I needed.

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Mwynheais i eich fideo ch’ yn fawr iawn.

Diolch! If you enjoyed that video, you might also like my other video about Nannau and the old legends. That one is about the old deer park.

In that video you’ll see that the old lane leading to Hywel Sele lodge used to have trees down each side. Sadly they have had to be cut down recently due to disease.


Diolch yn fawr Margaret, they are going on my list!

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Diolch yn fawr iawn

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