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Haia pawb! This is my first post and i’m on week 8. I’ve been very quiet as I have found the tech harder than the cymraeg…but i’m embarrassed to admit I am Welsh, have a First language welsh partner and two daughters who choose to converse in Welsh. However my spoken Welsh is dreadful! I keep reverting to my Default setting of bad Welsh and am finding it hard to break. But am chuffed with my progress, but feel slightly fraudulent when I see how hard it must be for others not having my background or easy subjects to practice with! However the soundcloud broke me, Aran will be waiting for me to buy a laptop before he hears my spoken word.
Hwyl am y tro, a diolch am gwneud fy merch yn falch.


Hello Sara Jane! I wouldn’t be embarrassed by this, but proud of the fact that you’ve taken the steps to improve your Welsh!

You can do SoundCloud from your phone, if you have one. Actually if anything it’s easier from the phone that the computer. Download the SoundCloud app, set up an account and then just press record!

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Don’t be embarrassed, sounds as though you’re doing brilliantly! And don’t ever let the tech worry you - it’s all extra stuff above and beyond the vital core of the lessons and listening exercises… and you’re never going to be short of practice opportunities! :star: :star2:

Just can’t seem to find a record icon on the sound cloud

that’s my home screen?

Hi @sara-jane-goodey

@Deborah-SSi posted this guide for iPhone users for recording.

Rich :slight_smile: