New Spanish learner

Hola! Esta es mia primera visita aqui. I have not studied Spanish (other than about three weeks at school forty years ago) so I am DELIGHTED to see the SaySomethingIn principles being applied. I’ve just started, and can’t wait to see how far I get. (I have a Spanish friend who is encouraging me.) I take it this will get me to a lower intermediate conversational level? Any other languages to be added? (Irish, Latin, Wolof… I want to learn them all!) I learned Cornish with you guys, you’re great.


Hola @mary-8! Bienvenida! Great that you are already set up with a Spanish friend to practise with. They may want to use “tu” with you, which is natural amongst friends, while the course starts with the “usted” versions to use with people you don’t know, but you’ll get a head start learning the variations :slight_smile:
You will reach a comfortable conversational level with the course - able to communicate in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries - as our learners have told us with delight.

We look forward to hearing about your progress and experiences using Spanish.

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Oh, good grief. I am understanding Spanish cartoons. It’s been eight days. What is this alchemy?


That’s brilliant, @mary-8! Felicitaciones!

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