New south course 'to try'

Helo pawb

On the old course when the word ‘try’ was introduced (trio) it was also mentioned that another word is widely used ‘ceisio’. I’m wondering why this was left out of the new course 1? The only reason I mention it is that ceiso seems to be widely used throughout Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, everytime I use trio people correct me and say to use cesio. Just thought it was handy that it had a mention like the old course.


In general terms, we’ve cut down as much as possible on extra explanations, because there’s always something else it would be interesting to explain - and the more time spent on explanations, the less time spent doing the work that actually turns someone into a speaker.

We will in due course be looking to do much more to ‘hold hands’ for early stage learners who start using their Welsh ‘in the wild’, and hints and tips like that will definitely be a part of what we try to do there - probably as a series of short written pieces rather than in SSi lesson format…:smile:

[Oh, and by the way - people telling you ‘how’ to speak are (usually) well-intentioned but mistaken - because a) they obviously understood ‘trio’, and b) if you speak to them often enough, you’ll pick up their patterns of usage without needing to be told to…:smile:]

Thanks for the response Aran, Sounds good, yeah they all understand trio, they just tell me that people around say ‘xxxxx’, I took a while but I have now made the switch from trio to ceisio, even when doing the ssiw lessons,

Diolch eto


I’m always glad when I hear of people who override the lessons with stuff they’ve picked up in the wild - definitely a good sign that you’re going to end up a very natural speaker…:star:

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