New S4C series to look out for

Not one of ‘mine’ ( :wink: ) but there’s a new series on the way that looks worth a watch…


I read about this in Lingo Newydd, sounded interesting!
I think the first presenter learned Welsh as an adult too!

I watched the first episode last night and have to say it was excellent. If you missed it, do try and see it on catch-up (S4C Clic or BBC iPlayer), I highly recommend it. :slight_smile:


Here’s the link on S4C/Clic Clic - I haven’t watched it all yet, but what I’ve seen is excellent!


Seen first episode, very interesting and enjoyable at the same time!
Seeing the list of presenters, I can also hope that Elis James mentions Datblygu!

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I’ve just watched this. It’s a lovely programme – full of interest about the history of Welsh, but also of its importance today. I thought it was inspiring, even though I’m not Welsh, so I’d imagine it would be doubly so for those of you who are.

The presenter, Sean Fletcher, who learnt Welsh as an adult, kept emphasising that his Welsh isn’t perfect, but that this doesn’t stop him making it a huge part of his life – he even got to chair a panel discussion in Welsh on the future of Welsh at the National Eisteddfod, which must have been fairly challenging…

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series.


Excellent programme. Sean said it took him between 3 - 5 years of learning. It will take me longer (currently two years but only 1 with SSi) as I do not have someone to regularly speak Welsh with but this programme gives me the hope and enthusiasm to continue with the most important message “you don’t have to be perfect”.


Did you spot me in Maes D near the end of the programme? I made a half-second cameo in the audience :rofl:


I hadn’t, but now went to check again and spotted you, very focused on the dyfodol yr iaith! :rofl:

I only saw myself because I recognised my cardigan sleeve :joy:
My Basque friend, Begotxu, from Zarautz got a much longer cameo!

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Ah… I think she’s got a bit of a starring role in the last programme of the series, @Deborah-SSi (I think it’s the same person - speaks Welsh really well?)

Yes, that’s her. She said she’ll be in the one on Feb 22nd :slight_smile:

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Ooh, she’s great!!

Yes! We had a mini Cymraeg yng Ngwlad y Basg get-together a week ago - speaking Welsh in Donostia - with Bob during the day, then Begotxu joined us in the evening. A great time!

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Oh I had the impression I had seen her before, but couldn’t remember if it was somewhere in Wales, or on some Zoom chat or a programme.
And now I remember…wasn’t she the one in Bois y pizza, we had talked about before because you were meeting with her and spoke both languages or something?

Yes, that’s the one! She was in the original series of Bois y Pizza, I think. She’s a very busy lady but I love it when I get a chance to catch up with her.

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