New S4C series looking for urban wildlife

This news came through in an email today. It sounds interesting, and who would knock back a chance to meet Iolo Williams? :slight_smile:

Have you seen wildlife in your town or village? Perhaps you have something living in your garden or house?

If so, Aden Productions is filming a series on urban wildlife in Wales for S4C with Iolo Williams, and are looking for stories and Welsh speaking contributors for the series. Filming dates at the beginning of February and March.

If you can help, contact Aden on 02920 465600 or via email to


I am giggling helplessly!! :laughing: Having a vision of the face of someone at S4C if I e-mailed to ask if they’d like to pop up to mid-Argyll on the off chance of seeing gwiwer coch bach!! (Oh and my contributon would be a few poorly chosen words!!)


Why not? Iolo will be in Scotland in the last week of March. Give it a try…

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Sorry, Polly fach, but:-

  1. Mid Argyll is not urban! I suppose Oban might count as a such, but this village definitely doesn’t!!
  2. Mid Argyll is not in Wales and they asked for places that are!
  3. I can just see Janet’s face if we were invaded by a Welsh-speaking film crew and I was so awestruck to see Iolo that I forgot every word of Cymraeg!
  4. It would never happen! I wouldn’t need to be running a petition for S4C’s finance if they were willing to pop up to mid Argyll just like that!!
  5. I do not see Wiwer every day and it isn’t the same time every day. Yesterday he was very early, just as dawn was breaking (08.50 ish here).

Ah! The clues were indeed in the words ‘urban’ and Wales. But you’re so lucky with your wiwers, even if they are a little unreliable. I’ve never seen one in my garden, not even a grey wiwer.

Never give up hope! Gower was not famous for wiwerod. At least not our village - no trees! Then one day, when staying with my ‘Auntie’ there was a thump against the window, and, there on the sill outside was a grey one! I called out. But although he/she stayed a little while, when ‘Auntie’ eventually came through from the kitchen, the squirrel had gone! .
Now my ‘auntie’ knew I was (and am) truthful, but there are limits! Much speculation occurred as to what I had actually seen! Fortunately for me, next day we met two naughty little boys with a wriggling carrier bag. “We caught a squirrel!” They cried. Poor little thing. I forget what happened, but I think it escaped. After that , no idea, but there really was a squirrel in that treeless place!

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