New phone - can't find SSiW or AutoMagic on App store

Any advice please? I’ve bought a new phone (same make as before) but I have been unable to find the SSi Forum or AutoMagic apps on the playstore; I still have them on my old phone.

Thanks in advance

Well, the forum isn’t an app anyway, you just access it through a web browser, so whatever you had on your old phone was likely just a bookmark to the forum page, “installed” on your home screen.

And as far as I know, Automagic also isn’t an app (yet), so it, too, is accessed through a web browser for the time being.

For the forum, I have a bookmark in my browser set to

and Automagic’s page is bookmarked at

Once you opened these pages in your web browser on your new phone, you can open the menu within your browser and select the option “Install app” for each of those. (In reality, these apps are just web browsers accessing a single fixed web page. It is still nice to have on small screens, as the pesky url-line at the top that you usually have in a browser is not displayed)

Thank you so much. Of course it is!
It must have been the time of night - very, very late; brain wasn’t in gear! Fixed now, thanks again.

There was an actual app once upon a time. You can find it if you Google it… but if you try to install it on a newish phone, you’ll just get a message saying it was designed for an older model and can’t be installed.
My phone is 3 years old and I get that message, so clearly the app has been abandoned for a while.
But don’t despair! A new app is coming! Next month, we are told, but no official release date so don’t take that as Gospel.
And of course, everything is set up to work in a browser right now, on desktop/laptop/pocket devices. I’m using Chrome on my Galaxy S9+ and it’s fine.